Monday, 24 October 2011

Lies, all lies!

"I find your lack of content disturbing"
Yeah, sorry about that.. I did actually make some progress, but it was pretty tiny, so don't count on us revealing the whole thing in time for Halloween, in case any of you (well, actually, either of you, now that I look at the subscriber... list) are that hopelessly optimistic. Me and my collaborator are in fact putting together moderately simple plague doctor costumes, so you might see some photos from that. In other news, I've completed plans for the vambrace, which will probably find their way onto the internets sometime in the coming minutes. Then I might even make something!

As ever, don't hold your breath...

Friday, 27 May 2011

Recommensement of activity.

Hello again.

We apologise for the complete absence of any sign of life over the past couple of months. Me and my collaborator have been deep in study of our other favourite, biology. Now we're free for a while and we anticipate getting a fair bit done over the summer months. First up is the completing and building of the vambrace and hidden blade and the construction and subsequent reverse engineering of the patterns for the tunic, doublet and hood and then possibly some preliminary plans for the boots and cape. I hope we get that much done..! Work begins in a few days.

Anyway, here's something to occupy you in the meantime. And here.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Publication of Vambrace patterns v1.1

This file (found here - please right-click > Save Link As... > Rename as a .ppt) is our initial pattern for the leatherwork for Ezio's vambrace, worn on the left forearm. A future update will include the embossing pattern and the location of the metalwork, so we don't recommend going so far as to cut any leather at this point.

We've distributed it as a .ppt so that you can easily resize it to fit your own arm. Instructions on doing so are included on the front page. If you don't have Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple's Keynote, you can download the OpenOffice suite for free from

Please remember that we publish our work under the Creative Commons Attributions-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License. We ask you to respect the terms of this and encourage you to publish some of your own work.

Thanks for your support (if there's anybody out there..!)

Saturday, 8 January 2011

January 2011 Update

   Um... good to see you too, Leonardo...  
Just to reassure anyone who's passing that progress is indeed being made despite the apparent lack of activity. I've captured a lot of reference shots using a PC, and our patterns for Ezio's tunic, doublet, shirt and vambrace are coming (quite) soon.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Publication of Hidden blade plans v.1.2.2

Today marks the first publishing of any actual content, i.e. Prototype plans for the hidden blade (v.1.2.2), available in a single sheet and in A4 size, formatted for printing (pages one and two). This design has not yet been built even at the proof-of-concept phase, and does not contain the plans for the activation/retraction mechanism.

Please comment if you have noticed that the designs omit a vital element.

Many thanks.

NOTICE: The Ezio Costume Project and/or its contributors do not accept any liability, blame, or moral/legal responsibility with what you do with these designs. We do not advise building them. Built versions of these designs could be categorized as flick-knives or switch-blades, which are illegal in many countries.

Monday, 29 November 2010


Welcome to the Ezio Auditore da Firenze Costume Project!

The mission is to make the most authentic Ezio costume out there, and in doing so provide an extremely comprehensive online guide to how to make your own. We'll post a detailed build-log of construction, including patterns, designs and pictures. It's possible that we'll even provide beginners' guides for  fields like tailoring, sculpting, and leather-working.

We've got plans for some innovations to the Ezio costuming scene - an accurate hood, which you might have noticed is the Achilles Heel of most if not all of costumes out there; complete leather equipment with authentic-looking metal-work (not actually that groundbreaking), and two fully-functional hidden blades, one of which will have a hidden gun.

Progress will, however, be slow, and probably by the time we finish, nobody will remember ACII. It's likely that most of the people that ever read this will not have the real desire to start, and of the ones who do, few will have the patience or dedication to follow our instructions to their conclusion. However, post them we will.

Vittoria Agli Assassini!

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